Go West

One of their biggest hits, Go West has become somewhat of a classic. It has a long back story though. Its a cover of a song by Village People, that actually came about as the result of a charity concert. Derek Jarman asked the duo to preform at the legendary Hacienda nightclub in Manchester as part of an AIDS charity event. Originally, they were to perform The Fool On The Hill by The Beatles, but as Chris is a big fan of the Village People he decided to show Go West to Neil, thinking that it would suit his voice. Neil didn’t even learn the lyrics properly for the Hacienda performance and still thinks he may have got some of the lyrics that were originally sang wrong. The part that begins “There, were the air is free…” The song is a very idealistic song about San Francisco being a utopia for the Gay Liberation movement in the 70s. Its probably one of the most relentlessly upbeat songs that the boys have recorded I think. It also has similarities musically with the former Soviet Anthem, but that was coincidental. Interestingly, It was originally planned for release 1992 to ensure that the duo kept their run of top ten singles every year since they became popular.  It was originally going to be a one off single and its planned B-side was going to be Forever In Love, eventually though that idea was scrapped and a different version of it was released on Very (and Shameless became the B-side when it became Very’s second single) Forever in Love also appeared in an edited version on Relentless. Both the extended mix of the original Go West single and the original version of Forever in Love appeared on the 2001 Very Further Listening disc Personally, I really like the song although I don’t listen to it as much as I should, I think it’s such an anthemic feel it only really reaches its potentional live, but I adore the outro of the song, I always wish it continued just a little bit longer. I’m glad also that they saved it for Very, for me it fits on the album absolutely brilliantly! Hardly their most experimental track but its hard not to like Go West!


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