New Order – Fine Time (Updated 22nd March 2012)

Fine Time is the lead single off New Order’s 1989 album Technique and was originally released in 1988. It is number FAC223 in the Factory Records label catalogue. I’d have to say this is my favourite New Order song, but also one of my favourite songs ever in general! The song was recorded in Ibiza and was inspired by a night in Amnesia (Internationally reknowned club in Ibiza that New Order went to several times during the Technique recording sessions) The Ibiza recording sessions weren’t fruitful however, Fine Time was one of only two songs they recorded when they were out there. The title of the song originated in a slightly strange way, band member Stephen Morris’ car had been towed away and he needed something to remind himself to pay the fine. He wrote fine time on a piece of paper in order to do this, and thought to himself that it seemed a good idea for a title. I would say it rivals Blue Monday in terms of being the bands most dance oriented track.The song is acid-house influenced and signifies the influence that the legendary Hacienda nightclub was having on the musical direction of New Order, who actually had a massive part in financing the club. To this day, bassist Peter Hook owns the Hacienda name and trademark.Interestingly, on the US 12″ vinyl, the way beats are structured within the song actually creates a swirl effect in the vinyl. This doesn’t occur with the albums B-sides though, which is particularly interesting I think given that one of the B-sides, Fine Line, is actually the A-side except Bernard Sumners vocals have been removed. The second B-side, Don’t Do It is a completely different song however. Although I love the beat I do feel that Bernards vocals just add to the song, they’ve got this brilliant scornful sound in the track that I love.  I seriously love this song and think its the perfect opening to Technique, which is a great album. It only reached 11 in the UK Charts which I feel is criminal, for me this is one of the best songs of the 80s!


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