One book down, loads to go!

I finished reading Torn Apart: The Life of Ian Curtis last night. Absolutely fantastic book which is beyond informative and taught me many things I never knew about Ian. I will start drafting a proper review of the book very soon (Also drafting proper reviews of Madonna – Confessions on a Dancefloor and Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures. Not to mention posting a list of all of my CD’s and I also want to draft a new post on my Pet Shop Boys blog very soon.) Meanwhile though I’ve got plenty of other books to be reading and from tonight I will be reading Shaun Ryder – Your Twisting My Melon: The Autobiography. Shaun is the lead singer of the famous Manchester band Happy Mondays, who were very much part of the late 80s/early 90s Manchester music scene. It’s a good contrast to Torn Apart I think, as this book will deal more with the Hacienda nightclub and the Madchester era which Torn Apart obviously wouldn’t cover. Really looking forward to this!

Update one: Bad news.

Bad news (and for me its pretty terrible) is that my beloved record store is closing down. Anyone who talks to me on an even semi regular basis knows how much I love physically going shopping for CD’s, and my place of choice is a store called Head. Head will be no more from this Saturday due to the lease of the building being up.Clothing line Superdry have taken over the unit and thats that. I find that pathetic given that Head supported local artists, something which the more mainstream oriented HMV didn’t even do.  Incredibly hypocritical from the local council who tell us to support our local music scene after hosting the EMA’s. Anyone who lives in Belfast and who also buys CD’s will probably agree with me that Head is very reasonable in terms of prices (I was a legendary sucker for their 3 for 10 deal). Whilst the stock isn’t as great as the nearby HMV (The main UK outlet for music) they were always my first preference for CD’s, and as I do listen to slightly more obscure and overlooked artists, they actually suited my taste a lot more as opposed to HMV which had a greater selection of more current/mainstream artists. HMV’s prices are simply ridiculous, and out of my ever growing CD collection, only about 10, if even, came from HMV were around 50 or so came from Head. I particularly feel for people who collect vinyl, as allegedly Head had the best selection of vinyl in Belfast. I can’t be sure, but I only know two other places that sell vinyl, one of which is was a clothing store by nature and as such doesn’t have much selection at all and the other one was second hand. Head closing down means that there is no record store other than the very expensive HMV located in the city centre which is a crying shame. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss it!

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Some fascinations from the book I’m currently reading.

At the moment, I’m currently reading Torn Apart: The Life of Ian Curtis, which I got as a belated Christmas present. I’m about halfway through it or so, and so far I am finding it an absolutely fascinating read, and definitely recommend it to all those out there with even a passing interest in Joy Division. Reading it has taught me many new things about Ian that I never knew, which is particularly invaluable considering due to his tragic story and suicide, he’s become a sort of cult like figure with a lot of myth surrounding his character. Anyhow, one of the things that really intrigued me (and that freaked me out slightly if I’m honest) was that Ian actually suffered from eczema, I find that bizarre given that I had terrible eczema myself when I was younger, that resulted in me having to wear bandages on my arms at night and it also damaged the skin around my eyes. On the subject of epilepsy, there is a part of the book that I just read last night that discusses his diagnosis and epilepsy treatment, which would interest me obviously given that I was born with a mild form of the condition and I still have it to this day. In the book it stated that Ian took a medication called “Valproate”, which I find interesting is the one that I take is sodium valproate. Whether or not the two are the same I’m not sure of, but it sounds like its a similar sort of medication. I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the book, although it will also be pretty difficult reading also!

Happy birthday Bernard!

Its my first musical birthday of the year, and today Bernard Sumner turns 56. Bernard is obviously well known for being in the highly regarded 80s electronic/rock band New Order, being the primary lyricist/vocalist for them and also for playing guitars/keyboards in Joy Division. Also he is known for working with Johnny Marr in Electronic, again being the vocalist/lyricist and more recently forming the band Bad Lieutenant. I’m not familiar with Bad Lieutenant if I’m honest, but absolutely love his work with New Order and Electronic. Technique by New Order is easily one of my favourite albums along with Electronic’s self titled debut album. A very underrated talent I think, happy birthday Bernard!