The Killers – Here With Me

So this is The Killers new single from Battle Born, called Here With Me. I have to admit that as much as I like their new album I’ve been left somewhat disappointed with their choice for the third single. We’ve had Runaways and Miss Atomic Bomb so far which have been excellent choices – and Runaways is their best lead single ever in my opinion – but they’ve gone for a rather weak choice for the new single. If I’m honest, Here With Me is the only song from Battle Born that I can say with more or less certainty that I just don’t really like. One of my main grievances with the song is the line “I don’t want your picture on my cell phone” that is part of the chorus. I think that line is a bit cringe worthy really and doesn’t show off Brandon’s lyrical abilities at all, and he’s grown from strength to strength as a lyricist with each album I think. There are elements of the arrangement I like, like the little synth bubbles but I guess all in all it’s just a bit too much of a power ballad style track for my taste. There’s just nothing really to sustain my interest in the track I’m afraid. Personally, I think they should have gone with The Rising Tide or even Battle Born for the next single choice. I don’t think my other two favourites – these being From Here On Out and Deadlines & Commitments – would have the potential to be hits really. The song is redeemed though somewhat by the video, which takes that aforementioned embarrassing line and gives it a new spin. The video was directed by Tim Burton (following on from the excellent video he directed for Bones). I find the video slightly creepy if I’m honest but I definitely have to give credit were it’s due – it has a concept that I really didn’t expect and manages to make what is a fairly uninteresting song actually a bit more interesting. Just a shame that I feel the song itself is a bit of a disappointment.