Madonna – You Thrill Me/Erotica

Widely touted as one of the highlights from her Confessions Tour. It is the second song of the disco segment (the last segment) of the tour. The song hadn’t been performed live on her previous Drowned World tour so the reemergence of it in the Confessions tour set list was a welcome (if surprising) inclusion. As you can tell listening to it, it’s vastly different from the infamous single. Many of the lyrics aren’t found in the famous single version either. The lyrics (for the most part) that are used here are actually from a very early demo of Erotica. I’ve seen the demo on youtube with the title “second original demo”. In the supposed original demo though she doesn’t sing these lyrics. There’s been some debate about the legitimacy of the demos and The Rain Tapes (collection of Erotica era demos) so I can’t say for sure what demo is the correct one. What is sure though is that these were demo lyrics. From the different versions I’ve heard I personally don’t think the Erotica arrangement and these alternate lyrics went together well at all – I don’t even think the original Erotica lyrics and these You Thrill Me share a similar tone really either. I absolutely love the disco remix of this live version though – it’s softer than the original version (which I still love too). It actually has a very different tone to the original I think too but it’s just as good and many fans actually prefer this live version. I think both are brilliant in their own ways and it’s one of the finest examples of Madonna’s stellar ability to take already classic songs and rearrange them in a different way for yet still make them as enjoyable. A great performance, probably one of her best ever really!


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