Thoughts on Glastonbury lineup

A few nights ago I was surprised when the acts for this year’s Glastonbury Festival was announced. For whatever reason I wasn’t expecting to hear the lineup for a few weeks yet. Anyhow, that was a bigger surprise than the actual acts that got announced I’m afraid.

Arctic Monkeys
For me, this one is just very… predictable. I have to admit that I do think they’re a good group and no doubt will be excellent live – I thought they were terrific at the Closing Ceremony last year. Having said that I’m a weekly reader of NME and their constant praising of the group does grow weary. I think they’re good with some undeniably great songs but I don’t think they’re as incredible as people make out. Besides, they headlined not so long ago in 2007, I do think it’s not a very original choice for headline act to be honest.

Mumford & Sons
This one just surprised me. I don’t dislike them but I wouldn’t call myself a fan at all. I also think that headlining the Pyramid Stage two albums into a career is a bit steep. I know The Killers headlined Glastonbury in 2007 when they had only released their second album a year previously but let’s be honest: The Killers have a better sound for headlining the likes of Glastonbury than Mumford & Sons.

The Rolling Stones
The one pretty much everyone knew about. Having said that I’m pleased Rolling Stones are headlining. I do like most of what I know of their material – which just boils down to the classics I’m afraid (I may need to rectify that though). I think it’s a very appropriate celebration of their 50 years in the music industry which is a phenomenal achievement if I’m honest. Looking forward to seeing their performance to be perfectly honest!

It’s funny. I don’t dislike any of the acts as such but I can’t help but feel that other than The Rolling Stones there’s nothing much to really make me excited. I do like a lot of the other acts confirmed: Phoenix, Primal Scream, Hurts, Vampire Weekend just off the top of my head for instance. But considering the music comebacks we’ve had this year and last: Stone Roses, Bowie, Blur being just some examples I can’t help but feel the headline acts (other than Rolling Stones) could have been so much better.


One response to “Thoughts on Glastonbury lineup

  1. It's just my personal opinion but I cannot stand the Arctic Monkeys, seeing as they have already headlined I don't see why they are doing so again. Glastonbury and the other main festivals would be a bit more exciting if the organisers offered more variety. Some of the lesser acts are far more exciting than the main headline acts who IMO are so tired and samey.

    Good post, I pretty much agree with everything here!

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