Song of The Day: Buckingham-Nicks – Stephanie

The second song I wanted to share with you today. I actually only discovered this song yesterday. As I was writing yesterday’s Fleetwood Mac post it made me want to watch the Talks Music interview with Lindsey Buckingham that I’ve been meaning to watch. So, I watched it. It was an excellent interview. He also played a number of songs (usually incomplete though) in the interview. One such example was a track from the Buckingham-Nicks days called Stephanie. I’ve never listened to any Buckingham-Nicks material – something that I really need to rectify. This instrumental piece is just beautiful. It’s solely credited to Lindsey Buckingham and you can just tell it’s from the same man who composed classics such as Never Going Back Again.  Sadly like most of the Buckingham-Nicks material it’s never seen an official release. Except for a promo only Lindsey Buckingham compilation called Words and Music (A Retrospective). That’s it though. The Buckingham-Nicks album has never been re-released on any format since its original 1973 release. Judging by comments made in the Talk Music interview though that’s set to change sooner rather than later. Anyway, I’d love to have a copy of it on CD for Stephanie alone!


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