Good News, Bad News etc

Afternoon everyone from grey and gloomy Belfast. It was my intention to have posted on the blog before today, but getting a Wii U this week ensured that definitely didn’t happen. In all honesty I am a bit of a Nintendo devotee. I do get every Nintendo console that’s released but I never quite end up getting all the games for said console that I would like. Blame fereverent record buying for that. I do wish my two main hobbies weren’t so damn costly.

Anyway, I’ve got two bits of news to discuss with you today and sadly, the first one isn’t very good. Yesterday, Joy Division fans across the globe were left shocked to hear that Annik HonorĂ© has died aged 56. Annik was known for her close relationship with Joy Division’s front-man Ian Curtis (whilst he was married). She actually was the inspiration for ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’. I’m not here to judge Ian’s love life issues as they’re none of my business. Having said that I do actually have a lot of respect for Annik – she always maintained a dignified silence and very much shied away from the media following Ian’s suicide. She made a rare appearance in Grant Gee’s Joy Division documentary which is an essential music documentary I’d recommend anyone to watch. In it, she came across as someone who clearly cared and loved Ian a great deal. I actually was left with the impression that she understood him more than anybody else. She played a key role in this story and her death is really quite a shock. A serious illness was the cause of death, and given how private she was I can’t see any further details being given really. Very sad indeed.

I never like ending posts on a downbeat note and thankfully my other piece of news is much more positive. Last Monday, I had written that Kasabian had just announced dates for a Uk/Ireland arena tour – one of the dates being in Belfast. Tickets went on sale today and thankfully I managed to get one. The gig takes place on Tuesday, December 9th. It’ll actually be technically the second time I’ve seen them. I saw them supporting The Killers in 2007 as part of the Tennents Vital festival for that year but I wasn’t a fan then. It wasn’t until West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum in 2009 that they won me over. Ever since then, I’ve always wanted to see them live so I can properly appreciate them second time around. Their Glastonbury Festival performance last Sunday made me even more eager for them to announce some dates. I wasn’t expecting them to announce the dates less than twenty-four hours later but hey, I can’t complain!

That’s all I’ve really got to talk about for the moment – I’ll be still working on some various bits and pieces I want to discuss on the blog so stay tuned and I’ll see you soon!


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