Madonna – ‘X-Static Process’

A very underrated song from an underrated album. When ‘American Life’ received a critical panning it automatically turned many away from the album, despite it being one of the album’s weakest tracks. American Life is definitely an album that needs repeated listening. The album has songs – like ‘X-Static Process – which really should garner more attention. ‘X-Static Process’ is the purest folk song on the album with no electronic elements whatsoever. That’s ironic in itself given that Stuart Price co-wrote the song. He’d produce and co-write the follow-up album Confessions On A Dancefloor which couldn’t be more electronic if it tried. It’s the lyrics though that make ‘X-Static Process’ special. The verses deal directly with feelings of confusion and uncertainty which are two of the main themes on the album. So far, it’s quite a bleak song. Then there’s a powerful and affirming chorus which reminds us that amidst the confusion we face we must remember that we’re just as special as the people we love and idolize. And that we should never try and emulate someone else because to do that is to loose what makes us so special and unique. It’s a sentiment often repeated but that doesn’t make it any less powerful. Such a beautiful song and lyrically far superior to the vast majorities of Hard Candy and MDNA.


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