Last Minute Tickets for Florence & The Machine

Sometimes last minute schedule changes are a good thing – I’ve learnt that this week. Friday started off as a normal day for me, but it took an unexpected turn when a family friend suddenly said to me “Clare, I’ve got a free ticket to see Florence & The Machine, do you want to go?”. My friend knows I’m a big fan of her so – once I had metaphorically pinched myself to check I wasn’t dreaming – I said I would so excitedly that I probably sounded incoherent. I think I’m still somewhat in disbelief at that offer.

I’ve been a big fan of Florence & The Machine since Ceremonials, her second album, came out in 2011. Why Ceremonials and not her critically acclaimed first album, Lungs? Lungs did bemuse me when I listened to it when it came out in 2009. My fifteen year old self just didn’t “get” it. In the following two years though my music tastes dramatically changed (in other words, grew up). Ceremonials won me over and I’ve never looked back. My favourite album of hers is actually her third and most recent one, this year’s How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. It’s one of my top three albums of 2015 easily so I was gutted when it looked like I wouldn’t be attending her Belfast show. This year has been so busy albums and gig wise for me and I had purchased tickets for some other shows just before Florence had announced her tour dates. The disappointment only increased when I watched her Glastonbury headlining performance live on TV. Thank goodness I had some last minute good fortune I am so unbelievably excited that I will be able to attend after all!


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