Public Service Broadcasting – Go

Definitely a case of eating humble pie. I first became aware of Public Service Broadcasting in very early this year. A relative recommended I try them as he was convinced I would absolutely love them. So, I tried a few songs from their latest album, The Race For Space and I was completely bemused. It was strange instrumentals that were littered with samples from key events in the Space Race such as the launch of the first satellite into space, the first human to go into space and of course the moon landing of 1969. On first listen I just couldn’t grasp it and I quickly ruled them off as not being for me. Fast forward to yesterday evening when I was in the car and suddenly I heard an instrumental on the radio that I suspected was Public Service Broadcasting… and I found myself really liking it. Then came those space samples and I knew beyond doubt it was them. The song was ‘Go’ from The Race For Space. I’ll admit, I think I dismissed them too quickly. Perhaps the first time I tried them I just wasn’t in the right mood for all those space samples. All the coverage of Tim Peake’s launch to the International Space Station here these past few days has probably helped me appreciate their sound much more. Back to retry The Race For Space after all I guess…


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