Thoughts on Glastonbury lineup

A few nights ago I was surprised when the acts for this year’s Glastonbury Festival was announced. For whatever reason I wasn’t expecting to hear the lineup for a few weeks yet. Anyhow, that was a bigger surprise than the actual acts that got announced I’m afraid.

Arctic Monkeys
For me, this one is just very… predictable. I have to admit that I do think they’re a good group and no doubt will be excellent live – I thought they were terrific at the Closing Ceremony last year. Having said that I’m a weekly reader of NME and their constant praising of the group does grow weary. I think they’re good with some undeniably great songs but I don’t think they’re as incredible as people make out. Besides, they headlined not so long ago in 2007, I do think it’s not a very original choice for headline act to be honest.

Mumford & Sons
This one just surprised me. I don’t dislike them but I wouldn’t call myself a fan at all. I also think that headlining the Pyramid Stage two albums into a career is a bit steep. I know The Killers headlined Glastonbury in 2007 when they had only released their second album a year previously but let’s be honest: The Killers have a better sound for headlining the likes of Glastonbury than Mumford & Sons.

The Rolling Stones
The one pretty much everyone knew about. Having said that I’m pleased Rolling Stones are headlining. I do like most of what I know of their material – which just boils down to the classics I’m afraid (I may need to rectify that though). I think it’s a very appropriate celebration of their 50 years in the music industry which is a phenomenal achievement if I’m honest. Looking forward to seeing their performance to be perfectly honest!

It’s funny. I don’t dislike any of the acts as such but I can’t help but feel that other than The Rolling Stones there’s nothing much to really make me excited. I do like a lot of the other acts confirmed: Phoenix, Primal Scream, Hurts, Vampire Weekend just off the top of my head for instance. But considering the music comebacks we’ve had this year and last: Stone Roses, Bowie, Blur being just some examples I can’t help but feel the headline acts (other than Rolling Stones) could have been so much better.