Collection: PSB Elysium era singles completed!

So, after waiting what feels like ages, the first of the parcels started arriving today! Well, I guess it’s technically yesterday because it’s early Friday morning here, but you know what I mean. These are the Winner, Memory Of The Future and Memory Of The Future Remixed singles by Pet Shop Boys. I’ve actually now got all the Elysium era CD singles, a first for me. I don’t collect Pet Shop Boys singles (nor any singles of any artist for that matter) religiously. There’s simply too many of them. I’ll only buy the post Format singles for the new B-sides or older ones if there’s a specific mix I really love. The latter doesn’t happen often because I think a lot of Pet Shop Boys remixes aren’t great. Anyway, I already had both Leaving singles and I needed to get my Pet Shop Boys single collection sorted out and up to date, so I ordered these. I don’t mind not having Vocal because whilst I like the remixes on there, there’s no B-sides. If Zoverstocks get a copy in I’ll order it but I won’t be too concerned if they don’t. Although because of the new bonus tracks, I’ve placed a pre-order for the upcoming CD release of the Love Is A Bourgeois Construct single, due for release at the end of the month. I’ve placed an order for CD1 of Together, and some other singles too actually – they’ll be here next week sometime. I’m delighted with these though because I actually loved the Elysium era  in terms of B-sides. I’d have to regard In His Imagination and The Way Through The Woods as two of my all time favourite Pet Shop Boys tracks in all honesty!


This coming week…

Evening all, no real post as such today because this week promises to be an utterly chaotic one with the slew of releases heading my way. I’ve got three Pet Shop Boys singles, Madonna’s MDNA Tour Bluray/CD and of course The Clash Hits Back and Sound System. That’s lots of first impressions posts I’ll be making this week, and also arrival posts of course. Pet Shop Boys singles and Madonna MDNA items have already dispatched. I don’t think the MDNA Tour Bluray/CD will arrive tomorrow. The Pet Shop Boys singles I ordered however I think may just. As for The Clash stuff, I’m expecting it will dispatch first thing tomorrow morning (at nearly 9PM here I can’t see it happening tonight). I’m expecting that it will get here on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. I can’t think of a bigger week than this upcoming one for my music collection – needless to say I simply cannot wait for it all to arrive. I’ve also got to try and track down a copy of the Depeche Mode Ultimate Music Guide too. I’ve got some posts floating around that I’m drafting too, hopefully I’ll be able to publish one or two of them in the midst of it all too. See you all tomorrow for day one!

Purchase Ponders: Tears For Fears – The Hurting (30th Anniversary Edition)

Another reissue (along with Nirvana’s In Utero) that I’m very much looking forward to this year is that of Tears For Fears debut, The Hurting. I love Tears For Fears, they’re perhaps the most underrated group of the 80s for me. I don’t have The Hurting at all though, just the deluxe edition of Songs From The Big Chair. A good thing really, seeing as this reissue is being released at the end of October. Anyway, the four disc edition of The Hurting looks very expansive. The first disc is the album remastered, then the second contains various single versions, extended versions and B-side tracks. Those two discs are being released as a two disc deluxe version. Then there’s disc three on the deluxe, which comprises of radio sessions and live tracks. The DVD is the concert film In My Mind’s Eye: Live At Hammersmith Odeon (filmed December 1983) which has only been available on VHS until now. All together, the four disc version is priced at £33 on Amazon UK currently. It’s admittedly quite dear for a deluxe edition of one album. I’m weighing up what version to get. To be honest, I’ll most likely get the four disc one. I’ve never heard/seen any of the live material, nor the B-sides though. In the next few days, I’m gonna watch In My Mind’s Eye and the John Peel sessions (if I can find them), then I’ll know for sure what to go for. Frankly though the concert performance would need to utterly stink to put me off however. I don’t think that’s very likely to happen. It’s Tears For Fears after all, I have high expectations. Also – on a purely superficial level it looks beautiful. You can tell I love deluxe editions, can’t you?

Collection: Two lovely unexpected Joe Strummer items.

Yesterday, my Amazon order arrived. My definite last one until next week when the Madonna MDNA Tour and The Clash new releases start arriving. This one actually comprises two (somewhat) rare Joe Strummer items. Last week I was originally planning to order some Clash items on a site I discovered called Punk Rock Shop. Although when I was on Amazon I discovered I could get A Permanent Record for much the same price. It’s a limited edition book, so I could imagine in time it would become pretty rare. It was a book I had been after too. It’s by Julien Yewdall and is a black and white photography book. He met Joe in 1974 and captured some beautiful shots of The 101ers and early photographs of The Clash. The vast majority are unseen. Worth every penny. Earthquake Weather was the really unexpected one. Along with The Future Is Unwritten soundtrack and the Let’s Rock Again! DVD it had been a notable absentee from my collection. That was until my preferred Amazon seller – Zovestocks – finally got a copy of it in last week. I wasn’t planning on ordering anything but I simply had to order it as soon as I saw it. In over six months of searching I’ve never seen a copy from a trusted seller on Amazon. I’ve never even seen a copy of it that falls below the £20 mark. Due to rarity (it sold poorly and has never been reissued) I figured I’d have to fork out £20 for it eventually. As it stands I actually paid substantially less because Zoversocks are very cheap. To be honest I never thought I would get the album because it’s long out of print and copies of it are becoming increasingly rare. It’s the same with the Bob Gruen photography book too. I’m rather bowled over that I’ve ended up with two of the potentially more tricky items to locate from my Clash/Joe Strummer want-list. Hopefully, I can have similar luck with the Bob Gruen book!

Collection: The New Issue of Uncut!

I got this two days and forgot to post it. I also forgot to include the CD it came with as well in the picture but it’s not related to The Clash in any way. I do like Uncut, although I don’t purchase it regularly. I did love their special issue devoted solely to The Clash though, so naturally I was excited to get this. It’s a great  article – I particularly loved the section were Paul Simonon made some very insightful comments regarding their infamous trip to Belfast in 1977. I must say I echoed his sentiments wholeheartedly indeed. Better still – I’ve finally been able to get some locations for the pictures taken of them here. I’d only been able to identify a few taken in Royal Avenue prior to getting this magazine. It’s not just The Clash that provided the only bit of interesting reading in the magazine though for me – there’s also a lengthy interview with Mick Fleetwood (of Fleetwood Mac). I’m sure I’ll find a new band worth investigating in their review section too, although I haven’t read the reviews section really yet. Nevertheless it’s a worthy addition to my ever-growing Clash collection!

Collection: Last Week’s Amazon Order and a suprise one.

Afternoon all, I’m just back from my walk. My legs felt this one moreso – which I suppose is a good thing.

Anyway, after forgetting to do so a few times, I can finally share my Amazon order from last week now that it’s all here. The first CD arrived on Wednesday which was obviously Joe Strummer’s birthday. Naturally, I didn’t want to make any posts that were unrelated to Joe on that day. Anyway, I got the 2CD version of Atomic: The Very Best of Blondie which comes with the bonus Atomix disc (a compilation disc of remixes). There’s also Mirage which is only the third Fleetwood Mac album I have on CD, Ghost In The Machine which is my first Police studio album and Bleach (Special Edition) by Nirvana. I actually have all of Nirvana’s studio albums now. I’ll post a picture of my burgeoning Nirvana collection soon.  This should have been my last Amazon Order for around about six weeks, but something surprising happened last night. I’ve been searching for Earthquake Weather by Joe Strummer for around about six months. I can even remember traipsing around a record fair back in April trying to find it. It’s very rare because it’s been out of print for years. Why they’ve never reissued it, I do not know. Anyway, last night I searched again (I check for it on a semi regular basis). To my disbelief, my favorite Amazon Marketplace seller – Zoverstocks – had received one copy of it very recently. It goes without saying that I ordered it straight away. It’s just too rare of a record to pass up. I search Zoverstocks for it pretty often and they’ve never had a copy of it in. It could have been months before they had it again; it could have even been never. Along with The Future Is Unwritten soundtrack and the Let’s Rock Again! DVD, it was something I was missing. Those two are also very easy to purchase online anyway. Needless to say, I’m feeling pretty lucky right now!

Town Trip Part II: Upstairs, Downstairs

So, after picking The Killers shirt and briefly flirting with the idea of getting a Velvet Underground one (which I didn’t in the end) it was time to see what records to buy. This was when my plans sort of went out the window. I wanted to get Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails. Did they have it? Not at all – in fact they had no Nine Inch Nails records whatsoever. Great.. Hm, what to buy? I checked the DVD section for Simon & Garfunkel’s Central Park show – no luck. So I just went with the CD version of the concert. Decided to look for Fleetwood Mac’s The Dance live album. Gone (although stupidly enough, they had put it by the till. I only found it once I had paid). What a stupid display move that was. Then I remembered I had spied Route 19 Revisited, which was a book about the making of London Calling. Was it in still in the display where I found it? Nope! So, back downstairs I went to the book section. Found it, along with two other Clash books. Joe Strummer & The Legend of The Clash and The Clash Talking to were the titles. I’ve been considering purchasing the latter, but I’ve never seen the former in town before though I knew of it. Stupidly I forgot to look inside Joe Strummer &The Legend of The Clash although it has good reviews. As for The Clash talking it was a stupidly dear price – £12 if I remember – for a rather short book that is just a compilation of quotes. I want it, but £12 just seemed excessive, I can get it online much cheaper. Anyway, back upstairs and I still wanted more records. Then I remembered I had liked Vampire Weekend’s new album. They didn’t have that either. Honestly I think they were in the midst of doing a display revamp or something. Then I remembered Disclosure’s debut. Surprisingly I found the deluxe edition of that for a decent price, so I snapped it up. Then I spotted The Essential Paul Simon. I have Songwriter ripped to my hard-drive because I bought it for my Dad for Father’s Day, but this collection had a lot of songs on it absent from Songwriter. I only have Graceland & The Rhythm of The Saints on CD myself. By this point, I had about enough money left for two postcards, and to my surprise they had a new Clash one in. Ironically, the first Clash item I ever got was a postcard from HMV. The only other one that caught my interest was the Nevermind cover. After that – I just wanted to get out. HMV can be very draining. I do love what I got (I always do), even if it was a slightly unexpected batch though!

Town yesterday Part I: Shirt Alert.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was in town shopping. I know I said I would post this late last night, but I did have an impromptu post to make. Also I decided to get stuck back into my reading. Anyway, town yesterday had mixed fortunes actually. I went into a shop called Fresh Garbage to see their band T-shirts. They haven’t had a Clash shirt the two times I’ve been in before, but this time they did. It was of the cover of The Clash. It looked really nice. Alias, I had a budget to work with and I couldn’t buy it. Next time Clare, next time. Anyway when I got to HMV my plan was roughly this: get a Killers shirt and a Clash shirt, and work with whatever money I had left. They had The Killers shirt in my size (as you can tell) but The Clash London Calling T-shirt was obviously proving a very popular choice. They only had two left – both XL. I’m trying to loose weight at the moment, and my Killers shirt size is L, and even then it’s going to be a bit baggy. The Clash one would have just looked ridiculous. I’m carrying a bit of extra weight at the moment, but not that much. Anyway it’s no big deal. I mean London Calling is such a common shirt design and I do want something a bit different – much the same way as I didn’t want an Unknown Pleasures shirt  of Joy Division’s straight away. I’ll most likely get both at some stage though. The Killers shirt is actually rather sizable history for me – it’s my first T-shirt of the band. Yes, after nine long years. I’m going out tonight and I’m going to wear it for the first time. I need to loose some weight and get my hair done but once that happens, you might even see a picture of me in it….

Normal Service Resumed

Afternoon all. Normal service can now resume after the celebrations of Joe Strummer’s 61st birthday yesterday. As one final note regarding Joe, I have to say I was bitterly disappointed that none of the channels – at least those that I have – seemed to mark his birthday. Very underwhelming indeed, especially as Channel 4 aired a documentary about 1D fans earlier in the week. It just makes you wonder, doesn’t it? I know I’ve been quiet recently (apart from yesterday). Good news – that seems to be changing! I’ve had horrific writers block as of late. However, I’ve started regular exercise and somehow, that seems to be clearing my mind.

Anyway – the actual purpose of this post is a rather insignificant thing I’d like to share with you. I actually got this last Monday, but actually writing the post slipped my mind. I’ve been a scatterbrain lately, more so than usual. I never share music magazines I buy, only in exceptional cases. I regularly buy two: NME and Classic Pop. They compliment each other, I think. Anyhow, when I went to get my copy of the latest issue I was shocked to discover it came with four pictures! In excellent quality too. In the picture, you can see Adam Ant and Eurythmics. The other two were actually Pet Shop Boys and Debbie Harry. The reason you can’t see those is because they’re already up on my poster wall! It’s the first proper picture I have of Pet Shop Boys on it (I do have one of just Neil Tennant), and although it’s not the first Debbie Harry poster in my possession, it’s the first to go up on display. You see, I do keep all the posters I get free with the NME, thus I’ve ended up with a couple of Debbie Harry posters (and one of Blondie). I may put Eurythmics up, but not sure. I do like them, but I am strict about posters I put up. I have to really love an artist to put them on display. Posters, t-shirts etc are bold statements I feel. As for Adam Ant though, I have to say I really don’t like his music. So there’s no chance he is going on my wall.

 My poster walls are getting extensively redesigned at the moment actually – with the help of my dad. I’m simply too small to put most of them up and let’s just say, my handiwork is scrappy, to say the least. They also never stay up when I do it. Never the less, I’ll be sure to take a picture of my walls when they’re complete. That should hopefully be within a week or so. At the moment though the blogging cogs seem to be ticking in my head again, so hopefully regular blogging will resume from this moment on. Stay tuned!

Madonna MDNA Tour Pre-order

This is pretty important if you’re a Madonna fan in the UK – her MDNA Tour DVD/Bluray can finally be pre-ordered on Amazon UK. So far, it seems the only way to obtain a CD containing the tour audio is via importing a DVD/CD version. Really, I’m not sure what’s going on there. Getting the blu-ray for me though was the obvious choice. I’ve got two blu-ray players in my house though, and I want to utilize them.  I’ll definitely get it on CD format in the future if possible but right now it’s not feasible. The release date is September 9th, the same as The Clash’s upcoming Sound System and Hits Back compilations. Both of which are on pre-order for me too. As you can imagine, that week is going to be manic for me. I’ve just pre-ordered the Blu-ray version for now, and that will do me just fine. Now that I have an order placed for it though, I can truly get excited to finally see her acclaimed MDNA tour for myself!