Currently Reading: Dear Boy: The Life Of Keith Moon by Tony Fletcher

I’ve read several books about The Who but I was especially excited to read Dear Boy as the infamous life of the manic genius that was Keith Moon is perfect material for a biography. I’ve heard so many good things about this book and as far as I know it’s regarded as a classic of the genre. It’s also incredibly weighty, the latest edition being over 600 pages in length. I”m 300 pages in and my goal is to finish it by Christmas Day. The reason quite simply is that I always get a new book (usually several) for Christmas – this year I’m hoping someone has bought me that new Lee Brilleaux biography. Anyway, so far I’m loving this book. I had high expectations as I’ve already read A Light That Never Goes Out: The Enduring Saga Of The Smiths which was also written by Tony Fletcher. His level of research is fantastic and whilst he writes with plenty of love for Keith Moon he also doesn’t shy away from highlighting his faults and failings. The book has been a serious eye-opener into Moon’s character. Some of the details regarding his relationship with his late wife Kim have made for very uncomfortable reading. It underscores what I’ve long suspected: that if Moon was growing up in more recent times he’d have been diagnosed with a condition such as ADHD or manic depression. For all of his genius he seemed like a very difficult person to deal with. A fascinating man but could I have been friends with him? Probably not as I’m too straight laced a person and I seriously lack in patience. Anyway, I’m at the dawn of the 1970s in the book, were Keith has just accidentally ran over and killed his chauffeur, Neil Boland in a tragic accident. Of course, I already know that this tale doesn’t have a happy ending, but the sense of inevitably regarding Moon’s early demise is just shocking. I really don’t think the man was meant to live a long life.