London Calling!!

By far the biggest thing to happen to me that’s worth writing about on here in the past two months is that on February 12th I will be flying out from Belfast to London, to see The Who play the SSE Arena in Wembley on Saturday. February 13th! Some fans have expressed anger that they’ve announced another “final UK show” of The Who Hits 50! tour but it’s the first time I’ll be seeing them live so I’m massively excited.  Every new show is an opportunity for a young fan like myself to see them live for the first time after all. Besides, Roger & Pete put on a fantastic show, so why not? At their age we should be thankful that they’re still able to do it at all, especially following Roger Daltrey’s battle with meningitis in recent months. Treasure the legends whilst we still have them – that’s my philosophy. Of course I’ll also be doing some sightseeing whilst I’m there. I’ll be definitely visiting the Joe Strummer mural and Joe Strummer subway because I’m a big Clash-nerd. 8 weeks to go!!


Collection: Last Week’s Amazon Order and a suprise one.

Afternoon all, I’m just back from my walk. My legs felt this one moreso – which I suppose is a good thing.

Anyway, after forgetting to do so a few times, I can finally share my Amazon order from last week now that it’s all here. The first CD arrived on Wednesday which was obviously Joe Strummer’s birthday. Naturally, I didn’t want to make any posts that were unrelated to Joe on that day. Anyway, I got the 2CD version of Atomic: The Very Best of Blondie which comes with the bonus Atomix disc (a compilation disc of remixes). There’s also Mirage which is only the third Fleetwood Mac album I have on CD, Ghost In The Machine which is my first Police studio album and Bleach (Special Edition) by Nirvana. I actually have all of Nirvana’s studio albums now. I’ll post a picture of my burgeoning Nirvana collection soon.  This should have been my last Amazon Order for around about six weeks, but something surprising happened last night. I’ve been searching for Earthquake Weather by Joe Strummer for around about six months. I can even remember traipsing around a record fair back in April trying to find it. It’s very rare because it’s been out of print for years. Why they’ve never reissued it, I do not know. Anyway, last night I searched again (I check for it on a semi regular basis). To my disbelief, my favorite Amazon Marketplace seller – Zoverstocks – had received one copy of it very recently. It goes without saying that I ordered it straight away. It’s just too rare of a record to pass up. I search Zoverstocks for it pretty often and they’ve never had a copy of it in. It could have been months before they had it again; it could have even been never. Along with The Future Is Unwritten soundtrack and the Let’s Rock Again! DVD, it was something I was missing. Those two are also very easy to purchase online anyway. Needless to say, I’m feeling pretty lucky right now!

Collection: The Clash

Now that Rock Art & The X-Ray Style and The Clash US have arrived, I can finally take a picture of all my Clash gear. At least, what I have up until now. This is absolutely everything I own of theirs. There’s also a few CDs of related bands thrown in for good measure, hence why you’ll be able to spot the three Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros albums along with a Big Audio Dynamite greatest hits. I’ve been a complete Clash nut since about November time of 2012, after beginning investigating them about a year ago. It’d be too long to list every item I have but in short: all their studio albums (including both versions of The Clash), both live albums, the two most essential compilations, The Singles boxset, all official DVDs including The Future Is Unwritten on Bluray and an unofficial DVD. Books wise I have two editions of The Clash (after a mistake in ordering), Redemption Song & Passion Is A Fashion. The black and green book to the left of the two magazines is the Q Book of Punk Legends which is from an old 90s edition of the magazine. The two magazines are the Uncut special and the Joe Strummer 60th birthday NME cover. Beside that are the postcards which are mostly from Strummerville, but the skull one was the first Clash related item I ever got. Believe it or not, this was all easy to find and none of it was dear. Even The Singles boxset was a good price but I don’t know how much longer that will continue to be the case. Most of it came from online but I did get a fair chunk of it in town also, which is quite something considering we only have two record shops.

Of course, completist that I am I’m not done by a long shot. There’s still 101ers – Elgin Avenue Breakdown on CD (I think I might order that this week), and The Future Is Unwritten soundtrack. There’s also Earthquake Weather by Joe Strummer but that’s going to be a lot harder to find. Not to mention that I have a poster due in the post as a suprise gift from a relative. There’s also a few more books, T-shirts and badges that I want but they can wait, Sound System in September being released and all that. To be honest, 101’ers and The Future Unwritten soundtrack aside I’m not looking to buy any other Clash material for the time being so I can save for Sound System. I’m nowhere near finished though!