Madonna – Living For Love (Offer Nissim Living For Drums Mix)

Ever since Madonna’s performance of a remixed ‘Living For Love’ at the Brits I’ve been busting to find a studio version of the remix used. Literally, I’ve searched for it for months, but to no avail. It’s been a real mystery. You’d think that since she was going so far to perform it live it was bound to be on the ‘Living For Love’ singles. It wouldn’t have been the first time she’s done that either. Cue the confusion when I discovered that it wasn’t on the singles or on the Super Deluxe disc of Rebel Heart. I couldn’t even find a name for the remix, much less anyway to obtain it. A studio version just didn’t seem to exist in the public domain. I even posted questions in fan forums which didn’t work either. All options exercised, I gave up.

Yesterday I looked at the Rebel Heart tour setlist, and I saw the name ‘Living For Love’ (Offer Nissim Living For Drums remix). Instinctively I knew it was the elusive remix, which turned out to be correct. YouTube and Soundcloud postings aside this studio version doesn’t seem widely publicised at all. It’s inexplicable really. Stranger still, Offer Nissim has done two other mixes of ‘Living For Love’ and they can be found on the single. It’s very strange stuff indeed. Anyway, at least there is a studio version of this excellent remix after all. It’s primal, dark and boasts a much harder hitting arrangement than the original, which is musically rather mediocre and uneventful. The arrangement in this remix more than makes up for the cliched lack of lyrics in the song. Yes, it’s one of those remixes were the original lyrics are reduced to little more than spliced up soundbites, omitting large portions of the lyrics in their entirety. Thankfully Madonna rectifies this when she performs it live and consequently the remix works even better in a live context. Until the inevitable Rebel Heart live album is released though, this will tide us over nicely!