Fleetwood Mac – Ricky

I’ve been listening to this very unusual song a lot over the past few days. Ricky is the B-side to Little Lies, which was released in 1987. I’ve always maintained that Buckingham-Nicks era Fleetwood Mac were more musically adventurous than they get credit for. Ricky underlines that point (as if Tusk wasn’t proof enough). It’s definitely the most experimental song from their Tango In The Night period. So much so that I’m not even sure how well this would fit on Tango In The Night. I think it’s best left as a B-side. Everything about this song is strange, from the arrangement to the vocals. Christine McVie is borderline unrecognizable here, but her voice blends so well with Lindsey’s. There isn’t much in the way of lyrics but the few there are, are continuously repeated throughout. It makes the song feel like it’s longer than what it actually is. That minor qualm aside, I’m really developing a strange liking for this curious little B-side!


Song of The Day: Buckingham-Nicks – Stephanie

The second song I wanted to share with you today. I actually only discovered this song yesterday. As I was writing yesterday’s Fleetwood Mac post it made me want to watch the Talks Music interview with Lindsey Buckingham that I’ve been meaning to watch. So, I watched it. It was an excellent interview. He also played a number of songs (usually incomplete though) in the interview. One such example was a track from the Buckingham-Nicks days called Stephanie. I’ve never listened to any Buckingham-Nicks material – something that I really need to rectify. This instrumental piece is just beautiful. It’s solely credited to Lindsey Buckingham and you can just tell it’s from the same man who composed classics such as Never Going Back Again.¬† Sadly like most of the Buckingham-Nicks material it’s never seen an official release. Except for a promo only Lindsey Buckingham compilation called Words and Music (A Retrospective). That’s it though. The Buckingham-Nicks album has never been re-released on any format since its original 1973 release. Judging by comments made in the Talk Music interview though that’s set to change sooner rather than later. Anyway, I’d love to have a copy of it on CD for Stephanie alone!

Song of The Day: Fleetwood Mac – Big Love (from The Dance)

I love this song, performance and band. Controversially I enjoy Tango In The Night maybe even more than Rumours. They’re definitely on a level pegging for me at least .One of my favourite songs from the album is Big Love. I also love this reinterpretation of it which is taken from the excellent The Dance CD and DVD. You can also find it on the double disc The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac too. It’s incredible what Lindsey Buckingham can do with just his voice and guitar. Truly an exceptionally talented musician. Here the song really is stripped back to basics. For those that feel that Tango In The Night had production that sounded too much of its era, this performance is for you. I utterly love Lindsey’s vocals here¬† (more so than in the original) and the guitar solo is nothing short of brilliant. Definitely one of my favourite Fleetwood Mac performances!