More Foster The People Chatter

Foster_the_People_-_SupermodelIt’s not just Coming Of Age that has been unveiled today, Foster The People’s second album has been fully unveiled (finally). The release date is March 18th. As for the artwork, I have to say whilst I liked the album cover for Torches, I absolutely love the album cover for Supermodel. It’s definitely one of the loveliest covers I’ve seen in a long while. It’s abstract but also beautiful. It depicts a model being hounded by the paparazzi. Press intrusion is certainly a very relevant subject. It’s a concept I definitely wasn’t expecting from Foster The People though. I do wonder if the album artwork will tie into the lyrics of the songs in anyway.  A concept album of sorts perhaps? One thing is for sure though – Supermodel will definitely be more left of field than Torches was. Some of the songs have surreal names like Goats In Trees and A Beginner’s Guide To Destroying The Moon. I really can’t even hazard a guess to what the album will sound like, but it’ll certainly be interesting!


Back (with new music too!)

My laptop came back today, thank goodness too because we’ve got new music. Today has seen arguably the first major musical premiere of the year: Foster The People’s new single! It’s been featuring on their live sets since last year, but it’s great to have a proper studio version of the song. It feels like too long since Torches was released and having played it to death makes it feel even longer too. Naturally, I was expecting a lot. Anyone worried that they would radically depart from their sunny indie pop sound that they do so well need not worry. It’s definitely more mature sounding and not as instantaneous as Pumped Up Kicks, but it’s still got that breezy style. It’s also very catchy – it’s already in my head. It also boasts a lovely atmosphere. Definitely a very enjoyable song. It’s the lead single for their upcoming second album, titled Supermodels. It’s due to be released March 18th. I’m already excited!

Reviewed: Cut Copy – Free Your Mind

Released just last week, Free Your Mind is the fourth album from Australian synth-pop group Cut Copy. It’s an album so summery and just downright danceable in sound that it’s hard to believe that it’s been released in early November. If it were released just a few months prior it could have been the soundtrack to summer 2013.

From the Intro to Mantra, Free Your Mind plays as one long love letter to the Second Summer of Love. If the Hacienda existed in 2013 it’d probably be playing the whole of Free Your Mind on loop. The fact that Dan Whitford’s vocals sound like Bernard Sumner crossed with Bobby Gillespie just adds to it. Every track on Free Your Mind invokes New Order, 808 State and so forth. From that perspective it’s hard to single tracks out as highlights. It’s a very consistent record. Meet Me In The House Of Love contains a blistering chorus that cements its status as one of the most downright euphoric dance records all year though. Then you have Footsteps, which contains a pounding bass-line that is more acid house than piano house. It’s so 808 State esque and it almost certainly samples Pacific State (for a second). The balance is the blissed out, slightly psychedelic Walking In The Sky – which is the perfect comedown after the sheer euphoria of the preceding twelve tracks.

Free Your Mind is surely one of 2013’s most cohesive records – it’s utterly liberating to listen to. Much of it sounds like some sort of  warehouse wave dreamscape. In that sense, the overall atmosphere of Free Your Mind is akin to Screamadelica – whilst listening to it, you feel like you’re in another world. Irresistible dance hooks are in abundance here. Does it bring anything new to the table? No – it’s too much of a sonic homage for that. Although frankly it’s so easy to get lost in the music on Free Your Mind that really, that doesn’t matter. And for that reason Cut Copy have released one of the best albums of 2013.